INB347 Innovation In assembly

This week we are talking about API’s and how people with no programming experience are creating their own applications for the Web 2.0. Ever wondered if you could create an application totally suited to you? Maybe splice a bit of Google maps and Facebook so you can see where your friends are located on the world map. Or maybe be able to update both your twitter and your Facebook at the same time. Well with the use of API’s you can create these mashups with almost no programming experience.

Windows released their very own site which allowed you to do almost do exactly this with an awesome visual gui. This program was called Popfly but unfortunately on August 24, 2009 service and all sites, references, and resources were taken down (for more information there is an article here:  This a shock to me and a bit of a nuisance as it was this program that I was going to talk about this week, alas i was forced to look for other sites that provided these programs and their APIs for programmers to use. In my search i came across a website which did not have the same visuals and ingenuity as popfly but still provides these web 2.0 API’s.

It is called programmable web ( and provides (minus the strings and boxes of popfly) provides the essential APIs for many popular 2.0 sites and allow users to mash them up and create entirely new programs. These types of programs will completely change web2.0 and the future of the web because it allows everyone to be a programmer and the intellectual information to allow them to create what they want. Some of the more interesting ones i found included, a mash up of GoogleMaps, ebay and Amazon, to create Wii Seeker, A mashup to help consumers locate a Nintendo Wii, providing retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local ebay auctions. This is a prime example of an app not created to make money, but to benefit the specific user who made it. Hopefully the web3.0 is filled with amateur programmers making simple apps to help them in their own lives.


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