Inb 327 enhancing the user’s experience

This week I am writing about web 2.0 enhancing the user’s experience on the web. The first thing that came to mind while thinking about what I would post was along the lines of an application with lots of pretty animations and something interesting to the eye and use full in practise. Since I found a site that fits this description I will link it and briefly talk about it then go one with the actual blog.

The site is called liveplasma and is an online database and is self described as a way to broaden your cultural horizons giving you suggestions of music and films the user might like, as well as providing an incredibly innovative visual environment.


However after re-thinking the concept this week I decided to; instead of pretty and “wiz-bang” sites that 2.0 seems to house the users experience almost always goes hand in hand with community. In my pursuit of such an application I found one that was so simple and genius I couldn’t help but use it. Simply called 43 things, it is a site where you can go and add a goal to the database and it will then become a tag, and the top 43 tags are displayed on the front page of the site. Without being a member of the site you can access any tag you like and read through the discussions on how this goal has been achieved by others and how long it took them. It gives a great opportunity for the community to discus any goal they wish to achieve from loosing weight to traveling over seas.

This is the real power of 2.90 web, the ability for the millions of people no matter where they are geographically to access information and to collaborate over the web. It is this sense of community and general want to communicate wth people that is enhancing the users experience in web 2.0.


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